Hi, I’m Angi. Welcome to my blog! I’ve been overthinking what should go on this About Me page (because what do you really want to know?!) and have finally come up with some things that are mostly random and maybe interesting.

  1. I am usually wearing ink stains and glitter somewhere on my person.
  2. I think sharing handmade kindness helps make a good community and good community makes for better people.
  3. I pronounce ‘caulk’ with an ‘L’. (My husband says the ‘L’ is silent. He’s from New Jersey.) 
  4. I am an optimist at heart.
  5. I make and eat carbs. Sometimes I share them.
  6. I started blogging in 2007 mostly to keep up with my family while we lived overseas. I took a break sometime in 2014 until 2021.
  7. I grew up in Alaska. Land of the Midnight Sun BBQs, baby!
  8. I recycle / upcycle / makeover things. I enjoy creating new stuff with old stuff. My husband would say ‘hoarder’, but I say ‘collector’. I’m right.
  9. I’m finally middle-aged and I don’t mind…most of the time.
  10. Love me a musical, but I rarely remember the words to the songs. (This is not related to #9.)
  11. On my wishlist: CNC machine and Gustafs Dutch Licorice Bears
  12. I was born on the 13th. No, it was not a Friday.
  13. Favorite OOTD: nerdy tshirt, joggers, running shoes